[Translate to English:] Corona Krisenkommunikation

Help for self-help in Corona times

Crisis communication for small businesses, self-employed and artists

Small businesses and the self-employed can find free central crisis communication tips and simple text templates for this exceptional situation.

[Translate to English:] Bürgerbeteiligung bei Großprojekten

Public participation in large-scale projects - that is what the mayor candidates want to do

What the mayor candidates think about citizen participation in large projects

We wanted to know which concepts the Nuremberg mayor candidates are planning for citizen participation in large-scale projects. These are their...

[Translate to English:] Krisenkommunikation bei Cypercrime

First aid in case of hacker and cyber attacks

The most important steps for crisis communication

Data theft, blackmail or malware - how to protect your company, your employees and your customers


Which content works in employee communication?

Large benchmarking study by the University of Leipzig

Together with our partner Staffbase, we determine which contents are particularly well received in employee communication.


Expansion at the Berlin office: Smoothing the way for decision making process in broad agreement

Charlotte Gräfin v. Kielmansegg takes over as Head of Public Affairs division in our Berlin office.

To build a bridge over the cutting point of economy and politics or society and politics you need a good relationship. This is the core of strategic...


Nuremberg location on course for growth

Franconian headquarter with three locations in Nuremberg’s city centre

"Kaltwasser Campus" around Rathenau-Platz: Kaltwasser Kommunikation grows by a third location at the headquarter in Nuremberg


Communication for the project „Zukunftsquelle“

Clean water as a basis of life for an entire region

Bodensee-Wasserversorgung supplies four million people with drinking-water. We provide communicative support for the modernisation of the facilities.


Showing face in crisis communication

The right mindset for professional issue management

At the 13th conference for crisis communication in Berlin we discussed how crises can be prepared and even used in the best possible way.

[Translate to English:] Erfolgreiches Targeting auf LinkedIn

Successful Targeting on LinkedIn

Reaching the relevant target group with the right functions

With this LinkedIn crib sheet we show tips and tricks how companies can position themselves as industry experts and gain new followers.



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